About Us

PT. Edutech Darsana Utama is a company that has major business in Information Technology and Education. We are based in Jakarta, but have many local partners who support our performance throughout Indonesia. Since its inception in 2014, We have continued to improve with its continued capability and performance, with the support of vendors from home and abroad. We strive to continue to adapt to technological developments and businesses that continue to move dynamically, to provide the best solutions for customers and value-added compared to other providers in our business.

Our Values

  • Integrity. Company act consistently according to organization policy values and corporate ethic of conduct. Preserve understanding and determination to embrace those policies and ethics consistently even though it is hard to accomplish.
  • Competitive. Companies position themselves to be ready to compete in quality as well as various other commercial aspects in an efficient (in cost) and effective (efficient and effective manner) with competitors in the field.
  • Competence. The company puts the professional competence of managers, both in skills, expertise, product selection and services are presented as well as leadership and its employees.
  • Customer. Company to build a commitment to focus on serving customers with best efforts.
  • Professional. Company preserve ability and capability in job related knowledg, able to handle, develop, and share the knowledge to other.


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